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Dizziness: Effective and safe treatments

Mr Paul Montgomery, Consultant ENT Surgeon | January 2018

Most ear-related dizziness seen in the GP surgery is due to 'BPPV' (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) or Méniere's disease (pronounced "many-ears” coincidentally!). New treatments make these conditions more easily managed either in the GP surgery or by an ENT specialist. BPPV is the commonest cause of vertigo, or dizziness. In this condition, movement of the head such as bending over, turning in bed, looking up or driving can result in a sudden spinning sensation, which lasts for up to 20 seconds and can be very frightening.  Often patients feel sick and unsteady for many hours a...

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GP testimonials

This is a valuable resource for patients and all doctors - a clear and easy-to-use website. I have used it personally and highly recommend my patients to use it too!!

Dr Monica Zeitoune


…I am finding the information extremely useful . It's a fantastic database and so easy to use. So helpful during consultations to just print off the relevant consultant of choice.  I am using it more and more.

Dr Karen Grossmark

GP Partner, PHGH doctors

It’s such a relief to have a go-to resource that presents profiles supported by recommendations from doctors. I feel confident presenting this to patients and reviewing consultants who may be suitable, or directing them to in their own time. I find patients are grateful for the information point and I am too.

Dr Victoria Cameron-Mowat

GP, Islington

I find myHealthSpecialist a really useful tool when patients want my opinion about which specialist to see and I can show them who I recommend, also when I don’t know who to recommend, it is a really valuable resource to see which specialists other GPs recommend; the fact that it is not restricted to one area or hospital specifically is an added bonus and allows patients to have as much choice as possible as to where they would like to be seen.

Dr Saul Kauffman

GP, St John's Wood

I have often found it challenging when patients ask me to recommend a consultant, both for NHS and private, because you have limited cross-specialty exposure in your training. You may get to know people during placements, hearing them speak at teaching events, or from email or letter correspondence, but backing up your recommendation with the similar opinions of your peers is invaluable in insuring the best possible care for our patients. It’s a great tool to have in the day-to-day clinic.

Dr Anna Cantlay

GP West London

myHealthSpecialist is a great resource when looking for someone specific to refer a patient to. I feel the information is trustworthy as it comes from other GP colleagues. With additional information about the consultant, patients with specific needs can be matched to a specialist with the right experience.

Dr Hemali Parekh


I think myHealthSpecialist is at the forefront of the change that has been long overdue in medicine; transparency. Negotiating the system of referral and seeing the right specialist for the patient has long been complex for GPs (and patients) to navigate. myHealthSpecialist works as a great tool to help link the patient to the CORRECT specialist for them.  My patients have found the consultant profiles really informative, and the site very intuitive to negotiate.  As a GP, it has helped me signpost patients looking for private opinions to the site. I feel safe in the knowledge that they will see someone who is highly regarded by my peers, and I can carry out an ongoing management plan with certainty.  The team at myHealthSpecialist are dedicated to opening the lines of communication and education between primary and secondary care, and I feel this can only be a good thing for my patients.

Dr Anjali Bajekal

GP London

I have used myHealthSpecialist on several occasions now and found it extremely helpful and easy to use. The website has a well organised and user friendly layout; which makes searching quite easy. Moreover, it is great having the assurance that the specialists are recommended by other doctors.

Often the recommending doctors have worked with these specialists which provides added peace of mind.  I have found myHealthSpecialist to be a helpful and innovative service which I hope to continue using and recommending to my colleagues.

Dr Nisa Aslam

GP, Tower Hamlets

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For every recommendation shared on, 25p will be donated to the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund

The Royal Medical Benevolent Fund is a charity that has been at the heart of the medical profession since 1836, providing support for doctors, medical students and their families through all stages of their career and beyond. Our help ranges from financial assistance in the form of grants and loans to a telephone befriending scheme for those who may be isolated and in need of support.

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Tiko's GP Group (TGG) was founded in 2011 and is now the UK's largest GP-only Facebook group, where members are motivated to share valuable information with each other, invite new colleagues, make new friends and find out about new opportunities. TGG aims to stimulate and support health innovation and enterprise through networking events that bring key stakeholders together.

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