A patient’s experience of being treated by Dr Kathy Taghipour, Dermatologist

Patient's experience

Why did you need to see a specialist?

Treatment of a minor skin condition.

When looking for a specialist, what was most important to you?

Expertise, attention to detail, consultive approach with the patient.

What was your experience of seeing the specialist who treated you?

Excellent. I was very happy with the treatment and the results.

What would you say was his/her greatest quality?

Expertise in her dermatology speciality as well as in the medical field in general.

Would you recommend him/her to a friend or family member? 


What advice would you give to other patients in a similar position to you?

Always look for a doctor with experience in the field who takes times to know her/his patients.

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 Dr Kathy Taghipour, Dermatologist

Dr Kathy Taghipour, Dermatologist

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