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Chronic rhinosinusitis: What should you know?

Mr Ravinder Natt, Consultant ENT/Head & Neck Surgeon | August 2018

Q: What is chronic rhinosinusitis? Chronic rhinosinusitis is a very common debilitating disorder in which the sinuses (cavities around nasal passages) become inflamed and swollen for at least 12 weeks, despite being treated. The symptoms include a combination of nasal obstruction/congestion, nasal discharge (post-nasal drip or a general runny nose), facial discomfort (pain or pressure) and reduction of the sense of smell.Q: Is there an allergy component? Symptoms of sneezing, itchy or watery eyes and watery rhinorrhea with itchy nose sensation all point to an allergy association. You...

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myHealthSpecialist is the best because the recommendations are from GPs – I have used it twice and both times the consultants have been amazing

Eliana Perdios


This is genius. A brilliant resource


Gayle Rinkoff Edwards


It was great to find a website that allows you to find specialists that doctors recommend. I saw a dermatologist I found through and my skin problem has improved immensely. Thank you for making this possible.

Miss Jenny Holmes


The fact the website is based on thousands of doctors recommendations means I trust the information being provided.  Finding a trustworthy specialist is very important for me and my family.


Mr A Shah


Getting cosmetic surgery isn’t something you talk to a lot of people about, so being able to search privately and see someone trusted by doctors gave me a lot of confidence to go ahead with my breast augmentation and I’m very happy with the results!

Miss AB

South Kensington

I can’t believe this website didn’t exist already!  All the mums at school have been talking about, so we used it to find an excellent paediatrician for our own children. It’s a great resource and I’ve told others about it too!

Mrs E Abrahams


I used to find and request an appointment for a knee surgeon for my elderly mother.  He explained the procedure very carefully and following a period of rehabilitation she is now able walk without pain.  We are both happy to have found him.

Mr Mark Baker


My family live abroad and use healthcare services in London.  They have found this website very helpful for finding someone trustworthy, which is not always easy with so many services to choose from.

Mr Karim Hassan

United Arab Emirates

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