myHealth Story: A patient’s experience of being treated by Mr Ioannis Goutos (Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon)

myHealth Story

Why did you need to see a specialist?

 I needed to see a specialist for a lump in my right upper arm.

When looking for a specialist, what was most important to you?

Having been unfortunate enough to suffer breast cancer in the past, I needed to find an experienced and knowledgeable specialist in this field.

What qualities were you hoping to find in the specialist who treated you? 

Trustworthy, meticulous, reassuring.

What was your experience of seeing the specialist who treated you?

I had a fantastic experience; Mr Goutos inspired trust in the first instance.  My lesion had been present for years but grew and got darker just before booking an appointment.  I was very concerned about its nature and I am so glad I was given a ‘see and treat’ slot, which allowed the lump to be removed and sent for laboratory examination on the same day.  I am very lucky to be looked after by a plastic surgeon with a specialist interest in scars; my scar is soft, smooth and fades into the skin of my arm nicely.

What would you say was his/her greatest quality?

I would say that he was very confident, gentle and reassuring; he explained the procedure in simple words and was extremely professional all the way through.

Would you recommend him/her to a friend or family member? 

Yes, I would definitely recommend him.

What advice would you give to other patients in a similar position to you?

If you are in similar position, arrange an appointment with Mr Goutos!

Mr Ioannis Goutos, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Mr Ioannis Goutos, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon 

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