Spotlight on a specialist: Mr Paul Stimpson, Consultant ENT, Head & Neck Surgeon

Mr Paul Stimpson, Consultant ENT Surgeon

Why did you choose your particular specialty?

Initially, I chose an ENT job because it was in the area I wanted to live! However, I immediately realised that ENT has a great mix of surgical and medical management of disease, and the patient mix is fascinating. I quickly established myself in the ENT community and have never looked back. The ears, nose and throat are such functionally important parts of the body that understanding and treating the disease processes affecting them enables real improvement in quality of life for patients.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Working in a team with dedicated colleagues and specialists who constantly challenge and improve each others’ work.

What one thing do you wish every member of the public knew?

Cotton buds are not effective for cleaning your ears and they create more problems than they solve!

What three traits define you?

Approachable, dedicated and reliable.

Who is your inspiration?

My senior trainers and colleagues in the London region who have worked for decades to improve the lives of thousands of patients, often at considerable personal cost. I am inspired by anyone who achieves great things, but is able to maintain humility and a sense of reality regarding the world around them.

What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of?

My 3 children. All of whom still talk to me.

If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be?

This may sound odd but I would love to have some woodland and run a campsite! I have no idea why but I love the idea of managing the land and meeting people of all sorts of backgrounds as they pass through.

What advances in medicine are you most excited about?

Advances in surgical technology, including robotics and minimally invasive techniques, have an exciting future but targeted therapies for cancer patients could revolutionise care.

What (health) app would you most recommend?

I have been really impressed with the functionality of I particularly like the fact that it offers an educational component and allows real interaction between patients, GPs and specialists.

Mr Paul Stimpson, Consultant ENT Surgeon
Mr Paul Stimpson, Consultant ENT Surgeon

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