Spotlight on a specialist: Mr Ravinder Natt, Consultant ENT/Head & Neck Surgeon

Mr Ravinder Natt, Consultant ENT/Head & Neck Surgeon

Why did you choose your particular speciality?

The patients are extremely variable, from very young children to more senior adults, offering both interesting and stimulating clinical challenges. ENT is a consistently advancing service with state-of-the-art treatments and technologies.

Above all, I can make a huge difference by treating patients and significantly improving their quality of life

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Constantly communicating with patients and GPs with treatment updates and collaborating as one team.

No patient is the same, which makes my work exciting.

What one thing do you wish every member of the public knew?

Despite the myth, my work is not all snot and wax!

What three traits define you?

Friendly, understanding, delivering with commitment.

Who is your inspiration?

My parents for giving me the great opportunity to be here.

Not forgetting my wife and 2 children for their unreserved support and keeping me in check with the real world!

What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of?

Have to keep everyone guessing on this one…

If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be?

Captain England and win the FIFA World Cup so we don’t have to keep referring to 1966!

What advances in medicine are you most excited about?

Cochlear implants for hearing disorders and advancing cancer treatments increasing survival and quality of life.

What (health) app would you most recommend?

myHealthSpecialist of course!

What charities do you admire/support?

Those that are honest and genuinely raise funds to support good causes and not personal interests.

Mr Ravinder Natt, Consultant ENT/Head & Neck Surgeon

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