Mr Paul Lee, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mr Paul Lee MB BCh, MSc, PhD, MFSEM, FRCS (T&O)

Orthopaedic Surgeon

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  • Grantham & District NHS Trust

    101 Manthorpe Road, Grantham, GB, NG31 8DG

  • About Mr Paul Lee

    GMC number: 6115197

    Year qualified: 2005

    Place of primary qualification: University of Wales

    Prof. Paul Y F Lee received his MB BCh from Cardiff University in the United Kingdom. During his higher surgical training, he has become a certified Member of the Facility of Sports and Exercise Medicine (MFSEM) and passed the certified Fellowship exams in Europe and the UK in Orthopaedics (FEBOT). To further develop his expertise in arthritis, complex orthopaedics surgery and regenerative medicine, he has undertaken further national fellowship training in the internationally renowned Orthopaedics Hospital in Oswestry, in association with the British Orthopaedics Associations. Prof. Lee has an excellent profile in research; after completing his MSc in Sports and Exercise Medicine in 2011, he was able to continue his research to a PhD level. He was awarded the Orthopaedics Travelling Fellowship in 2013 to visit the EndoKlinik, Germany and a Sports Medicine travelling fellowship in 2014 to present his work and gain further experience on Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP), Autologous Conditioning Serum (ACS) in Australia.

    Prof. Lee also has a passion to apply clinical data and biomechanical full leg alignment in hip and knee conditions. He embraces biological solutions and champions non-surgical treatments for knee pain. Being a double board certified Orthopaedic surgeon with specialist interests in orthopaedics and sports medicine and having a PhD in medical engineering, he can offer cutting edge therapeutic options to his patients which may not be commonly accessible. With the advances in medical science and stem cells technology, the future is very exciting.

    Prof Lee has treated UK Premiership footballers for muscle injuries which significantly reduced their time for recovery and return to play. He has treated sports injuries in high-level athletes and has been offering regenerative medicine consultations, treatment and lectures to elite sports teams since 2006. His clinical interests are cell therapy, regenerative and sports knee surgery, hip surgery, performance medicine and non-surgical treatments of arthritis.

    Areas of expertise

    • Advanced medical and surgical techniques offered by Mr Lee:
    • Non-surgical:
    • ·      Lipogems
    • ·      Actovegin - Muscle injury treatment 
    • ·      Cells – Treatment
    • ·      Unloader one- Knee brace
    • Surgical:
    • ·      S.P.A.I.R.E - Tendon sparing total hip replacement
    • ·      FT-MPFL – Patella re-alignment surgery
    • ·  All-inside - ACL reconstruction surgery
    • ·  Biological Knee replacement
    • ·  Cartilage surgery

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