Dr Rajendra Persaud, Psychiatrist

Dr Rajendra Persaud


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About Dr Rajendra Persaud

GMC number: 3117660

Year qualified: 1986

Place of primary qualification: University of London

Dr Raj Persaud is committed to providing each client with an exceptional level of care and attention. In his approach to the managment, treatment and cure of psychological difficulties he is proud to bring the background and training of physician, psychologist as well as psychiatrist. He has been described as dedicated, compassionate, understanding, plus providing comprehensive care. He is unusual amongst clinicians in paying close attention to each individual's particular needs, an aspect of the doctor-patient relationship which is frequently unfortunately missing in psychiatric practice today.

Dr Raj Persaud practices Privately in a variety of locations both at 10 Harley St, Central London and neighbouring areas. He is available to see patients on most days and can see clients on the same day if so desired.

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