London Sports Orthopaedics

London Sports Orthopaedics

31, Old Broad Street, London, EC2N 1HT, GB

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About us

London Sports Orthopaedics marries orthopaedic and sports medicine experts to achieve exceptional patient outcomes, giving patients a wide range of surgical and non-surgical advanced treatment options to best manage their condition. London Bridge Orthopaedics' experienced and skilled team of experts makes the difference when it comes to diagnosing and treating patients with multiple and complex conditions where a subspecialised team approach is key to success.

It's also able to provide patients with expert second opinion advice. The clinic offers patients cutting-edge treatments, which have been pioneered by the experts in its team and that aren't readily available elsewhere. London Sports Orthopaedics has a proven track record of achieving exceptional treatment outcomes for its patients, including less painful return to sport/life and shorter recovery times. 

Clinic timings:

Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed


A centre of excellence for a wide range of disorders

Ankle arthritis

Ankle arthroscopy


Carpal tunnel syndrome

Hand and wrist arthritis

Hip arthritis

Hip impingement surgery

Knee replacement surgery

Joint inflammation caused by sport injury

Knee arthroscopy

Knee pain

Ligament injuries

Meniscal injury


Tennis elbow release

Rotator cuff tears

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