Mr Michael Dinneen, Consultant Urologist

Mr Michael Dinneen MB BCh FRCSI MD FRCSI (Urol)

Consultant Urologist


Areas of expertise

  • Urinary tract stones
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Benign prostate enlargement
  • Penile dermatology
  • Prostate disease

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  • byA GP Trainee

    Great bedside manner

  • by Mr Hashim Uddin Ahmed, Urologist

    Recommended Urologist

  • byA GP Trainee

    Great bedside manner

  • by Mr Hashim Uddin Ahmed, Urologist

    Recommended Urologist

  • Address

    • Chelsea Outpatient Centre

      280 King's Road, London, SW3 5AW

    • Telephone or video consultation


    About Mr Michael Dinneen

    GMC number: 3239102

    Year qualified: 1983

    Place of primary qualification: National University of Ireland

    Areas of expertise

    • Andrology
    • Benign prostate enlargement
    • Benign prostate hyperplasia
    • Bladder and pelvic pain in men
    • Bladder cancer
    • Bladder examination by camera (cystoscopy)
    • Bladder function study
    • Bladder instillation
    • Bladder pain
    • Bladder resection
    • Blood in urine (haematuria)
    • Circumcision
    • Epididymal cyst removal
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (one treatment)
    • General urology
    • Hydrocelectomy
    • Kidney stone prevention
    • Male hypogonadism
    • Orchiopexy for undescended testicle (UDT)
    • Overactive bladder
    • Penile dermatology
    • Pre and malignant skin conditions of the penis
    • Prostate cancer diagnostics
    • Prostate disease
    • PSA testing
    • Scrotum fluid removal
    • Surgical and medical management of skin conditions of the penis
    • Testicular pain
    • Transurethral resection of a bladder tumour (TURBT)
    • Twisted testis surgery
    • Undescended testicle surgery
    • Urethra examination
    • Urinary tract infections (UTI)
    • Urinary tract stones
    • Urodynamics study
    • Urological oncology
    • Varicocele surgery
    • Vasectomy (male sterilisation)

    Professional memberships

    British Medical Association (BMA)
    British Association of Urological Surgeons
    Royal Society of Medicine
    Irish Society of Urology

    Articles by Mr Michael Dinneen

    Immunogenetics and human papillomavirus (HPV) in male genital lichen sclerosus (MGLSc)

    The prevalence of human leucocyte antigen and human papillomavirus DNA in penile intraepithelial neoplasia in England 2011-2012

    Ischaemia-reperfusion injury in the rat kidney

    The urologist and the patient infected with human immunodeficiency virus or with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

    Antenatal diagnosis of posterior urethral valves

    Urethral strictures and aortic surgery. Suprapubic rather than urethral catheters

    Treatment of colonic anastomotic strictures with 'through the scope' balloon dilators

    Pedicle patch urethroplasty

    Persistent polyuria after posterior urethral valves

    Renal transplantation in young boys with posterior urethral valves

    Controlled trial of polyglycolic acid versus catgut and nylon for appendicectomy wound closure

    Dermatomyositis in association with transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder

    Circumcision and genital dermatoses

    Penile intraepithelial neoplasia

    Clinical parameters in male genital lichen sclerosus

    Gene expression profiling in male genital lichen sclerosus

    Successful treatment of buschke-lowenstein tumour of the penis with carbon dioxide laser vaporization