Dr Steven White, Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist

Dr Steven White

Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist

Dr Steven White MA DPhil MRCPsych FRCP

Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist


Dr Steven White

Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist MA DPhil MRCPsych FRCP



  • The Portland Hospital

    205-209 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 5AH

About Dr Steven White

GMC number: 2459307

Year qualified: 1978

Place of primary qualification: University of Cambridge

Dr Steven White is a Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist at [Hospital Name]. He specialises in neurophysiological assessments, video telemetry, clinical epilepsy, and paediatric EEG. Dr White has been a valued member of the medical team since his appointment in [Year of Appointment].

Dr White's areas of expertise include the diagnosis and management of neurological disorders through advanced neurophysiological techniques. He is highly skilled in conducting video telemetry, which is essential for monitoring and diagnosing epilepsy. His proficiency in paediatric EEG allows him to provide specialised care for younger patients with neurological conditions.

In his role, Dr White is dedicated to improving patient outcomes through precise diagnostic procedures and tailored treatment plans. He is passionate about advancing the field of clinical neurophysiology and regularly participates in research and development initiatives.

Dr White treats a variety of conditions, including epilepsy, seizure disorders, and other neurological abnormalities. His commitment to patient care and his extensive knowledge make him a trusted specialist in his field.

Outside of his clinical duties, Dr White is interested in medical education and often mentors junior doctors and medical students. He is also involved in several professional organisations, contributing to the ongoing development of neurophysiological practices.

Dr Steven White's dedication to his patients and his field ensures that he remains at the forefront of clinical neurophysiology, providing exceptional care and expertise.