The Cardiac Clinic

The Cardiac Clinic

St Olaf House, 27 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2PR, GB

The Cardiac Clinic building

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About us

The world’s leading heart doctors become available in one room at the Cardiac Clinic. Its cardiologists and cardiac surgeons are some of the foremost minds in medicine — from the first person to perform non-contact mapping to treat heart arrhythmia, to the professor who advises the government on preventing heart disease.

Using the latest diagnostic technology, consultant-led teams of sub-specialists from each area of cardiac care can quickly identify and start treating the patient’s problem. This is the only private unit capable of providing lifelong care to patients with congenital heart disease. The consultants are also able to predict and prevent heart problems with a fair degree of accuracy. The centre provides the best open heart, minimal access and robotic surgery facilities. Genetic testing and treatment for inherited cardiac diseases are also available.

From the latest robotic technology, to bedside medicine cabinets that are opened with a doctor’s fingerprint, the clinic has everything it needs to care for its patients — including intensive care units in each of the three hospitals.

Clinic timings:

Monday - Friday:

  8am - 7pm


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Cardiac care

Coronary arteries

Heart rhythms

Heart valves

Heart failure

High blood pressure

Advanced cardiac imaging

Advanced interventional cardiology

Inherited cardiac diseases

Pacemakers and devices

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