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The Montague Clinic

4 Basinghall Street, London, London, EC2V 5DE, GB

The Montague Clinic

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About us

The Montague Clinic on 4 Basinghall Street is the new Private GP service in the heart of London. It is dedicated to providing patients with the best quality healthcare in the city. Doctors at the service are experienced practitioners, able to help the patients with almost any medical problem for which they would normally see an NHS GP. The clinic also works in close partnership with London’s top private specialists. The routine GP appointment costs £60. 

The Montague Clinic also provides a fast, secure and reliable Sexual Health Clinic to help with any sexual health concerns. The doctors at the clinic treat all STIs in accordance with the latest national guidelines. Patient information is not shared with anyone, including the NHS GP. The clinic works closely with many imaging centres. Some are located very close to the clinic, while all others are located in central London within a 10 minute tube ride.

As well as providing routine Private GP services, the clinic also provides packages of care for organisations, to help optimise the health and well-being of their employees. It can offer a bespoke range of services, tailored to the organisation’s needs.

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