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Dr Voi Shim Wong, Gastro-enterologyDr George Webster, Gastro-enterology, General (internal) medicineDr Robin Woolfson, General (internal) medicine, Renal medicineDr Alexandra Wu, General (internal) medicine, GeriatricsMr Matthew Welck, Orthopaedic surgeryMr Alastair Windsor, Colorectal surgery, General surgeryDr Anthony Waring, Sport & exercise medicineMr Stephen Warren, Colorectal surgery, General surgery, Hepato-biliary surgery, Upper GI surgeryDr Stuart Webb, General (internal) medicine, GeriatricsMr Greg Williams, Hair restoration, Plastic & reconstructive surgery, Scalp scar managementMr Norman Waterhouse, Plastic & reconstructive surgeryMr Lloyd Williams, Orthopaedic surgeryProf. Marc Winslet, General surgeryDr John Malcolm Walker, CardiologyMiss Tena Walters, Breast surgery, General surgeryDr Terence Wong, Gastro-enterologyMr Tim Waters, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Greg Wilson, OncologyDr Simon Woldman, Cardiology, General (internal) medicineMr Oliver Warren, Colorectal surgery, General surgeryDr Balvinder Wasan, Cardiology, General (internal) medicineMr Guy Webster, UrologyDr Robert Weeks, NeurologyDr Florian Wernig, Endocrinology & diabetes mellitus, General (internal) medicineProf. Sean J Whittaker, DermatologyDr Tim Wickham, PaediatricsMr Michael Wilkinson, Orthopaedic surgeryMr Simon Withey, Plastic & reconstructive surgeryDr Roger Wolman, RheumatologyDr Tom Wong, Cardiology, General (internal) medicineMr Jonathan Wright, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Miles Walkden, RadiologyMr Scott Walker, PhysiotherapistProf. Anthony Warrens, Renal medicineMr Chris Whittle, PhysiotherapistMr Andrew Brian Williams, General surgeryDr Simon Williams, CardiologyMr Peter Williamson, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Dr Alison Wright, Gynaecology, Obstetrics & gynaecologyDr Anne Wright, PaediatricsMiss Michelle Wyatt, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Dr Mary Wain, DermatologyMr Mike Walton, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Andrew Wardley, OncologyDr Christian Wareing, General Practitioner (GP)Mr Janindra Warusavitarne, General surgeryDr Richard Watkin, CardiologyMr Sam Wilde, PhysiotherapistDr Abimbola Williams, Obstetrics & gynaecologyMr Mark Wilson, NeurosurgeryMr Ruwan Wimalasundera, Obstetrics & gynaecologyDr Philip Woodland, Gastro-enterology, General (internal) medicineDr Tom Waddell, OncologyDr Ravindra Wadhwani, AnaestheticsDr Lyndon Wagman, General Practitioner (GP)Dr Umeer Waheed, Anaesthetics, Intensive care medicine, Pain medicineDr Patrick Waits, Anaesthetics, Pain medicineDr Neil Walker, DermatologyDr David Anthony Walker, Anaesthetics, Pain medicineMr Roland Peter Walker, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Samuel Walker, RadiologyMr Daniel Walsh, NeurosurgeryDr Adam Wantman, Anaesthetics, Pain medicineDr Stephen Christopher Ward, Anaesthetics, Intensive care medicine, Pain medicineMr Shafi Wardak, UrologyDr Nick Ware, Paediatrics, Renal medicineMr James Warner, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Katherine Warren, General Practitioner (GP)Mr Mohammad Waseem, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Jenny Watkins, RheumatologyMrs Hannah Watkinson, Chiropodist / PodiatristDr Jonathan Watkiss, Anaesthetics, Pain medicineMr Neale Watson, Obstetrics & gynaecologyMiss Denise Watson-Tann, PhysiotherapistProf. Adam Watts, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Paul Watts, NeurologyProf. Jonathan Waxman, OncologyMr Francis Webb, Chiropodist / PodiatristDr Gavin Webb-Wilson, General Practitioner (GP)Dr Ash Wechalekar, HaematologyMr Stefan Weitzel, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Paula Wells, OncologyMr Edward Westcott, General surgeryDr Mark Westwood, CardiologyDr John-Paul Westwood, HaematologyDr Michael Wetzler, General Practitioner (GP)Dr Zachary Whinnett, CardiologyMr Donald Whitaker, Cardiothoracic surgery Dr William White, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Steven White, NeurophysiologyMr Thomas White, Orthopaedic surgeryDr William Whiteley, AnaestheticsDr Thusith J Wickrama, AnaestheticsDr Julian Widdowson, Sport & exercise medicineProf. Anthony Wierzbicki, General (internal) medicine, PathologyDr Timothy Wigmore, Anaesthetics, Pain medicineDr Nevin Wijesekera, RadiologyMr Daniel Wilby, UrologyMr Jonathan R L Wild, General surgeryMiss Emma Wild, PhysiotherapistDr Thomas Wilhelm, RadiologyDr Olu Wilkey, PaediatricsDr Christopher Willars, Anaesthetics, Intensive care medicineDr David Williams, General (internal) medicine, Renal medicineMr Daniel Williams, Orthopaedic surgeryDr John E Williams, Anaesthetics, Pain medicineDr Peter Williamson, General Practitioner (GP)Mr Oliver Williamson, PhysiotherapistDr James Matthew Wilson, OncologyMiss Meg Wilson, GynaecologyDr Sally Wilson, Anaesthetics, Pain medicineMr Malcolm Wilson, Colorectal surgery, General surgery, Upper GI surgeryDr Simon Wilson, CardiologyDr Anna Winship, OncologyMr Brett Winter-Roach, Obstetrics & gynaecologyProf. Zoe Winters, Breast surgeryMr Robert Winterton, Plastic & reconstructive surgeryDr Rebecca Wiredu Bayele, PaediatricsDr Paul Wiseman, General Practitioner (GP)Dr Virginia Wolstenholme, OncologyDr Sui Wong, NeurologyDr Adam Woo, AnaestheticsDr Emma Woodford, General Practitioner (GP)Mr Simon Woodruff, OphthalmologyMr Martin Woods, Oral & Maxillo-facial surgeryDr Emma Woodward, GeneticsDr Nicholas Woodward, RadiologyDr David Woolf, OncologyDr David Wrench, OncologyDr Yin Wu, OncologyDr James Wylie, Oncology
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