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Dr David Lipkin, CardiologyMr Marc E Laniado, UrologyDr Tabi Leslie, DermatologyDr Abbi Lulsegged, Endocrinology & diabetes mellitusProf. Gideon Lack, PaediatricsDr Rebecca Liu, NeurologyMr David R Lawrence, Cardiothoracic surgery Dr Melvin Lobo, CardiologyDr Melanie Lockett, Gastro-enterology, General (internal) medicineMr Joshua Lee, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Catherine Lester, Sport & exercise medicineDr Simon Lack, PhysiotherapistDr Tim Lockie, CardiologyMr Jeremy Lavy, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Mr John Leach, NeurosurgeryProf. Paul Lee, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Ilan Lieberman, Anaesthetics, Pain medicineMr Ian Lilly, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Prof. Laurence Lovat, Gastro-enterologyDr Edward Langford, CardiologyDr Penelope Law, Obstetrics & gynaecologyMr Jason Lee, General surgeryDr Guy Leschziner, NeurologyProf. R David Leslie, Endocrinology & diabetes mellitusDr Alexander Lyon, CardiologyDr Lorin Lakasing, Obstetrics & gynaecologyMr Robert Lee, Orthopaedic surgery, Spinal surgeryDr Richard Levy, CardiologyMr Simon Levy, OphthalmologyProf. James Lindsay, Gastro-enterologyMr Ben Lindsey, General surgeryMiss Sarah Little, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Mr Jonathan Lucas, Orthopaedic surgery, Spinal surgeryMiss Nicola Lack, Obstetrics & gynaecologyMs Erin Lahay, PhysiotherapistMr Om Lahoti, Orthopaedic surgeryMr Kulvinder Lall, Cardiothoracic surgery Mr Simon Lambert, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Joanne Larkin, Sport & exercise medicineMiss Amanda Lau, Chiropodist / PodiatristDr Graham Stephen Lawton, Plastic & reconstructive surgeryProf. Jonathan Ledermann, OncologyDr Martin Lees, Anaesthetics, Pain medicineMr Daniel Leff, General surgeryMr Angus Lewis, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Francisco Leyva, Cardiology, General (internal) medicineMr Panagiotis Liantis, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Adrian Lim, RadiologyDr Michelle Lockley, OncologyMr Martin Logan, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Aathavan Loganayagam, Gastro-enterology, General (internal) medicineMr Sean Loughran, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Prof. Michael Lunn, NeurologyDr Simon L Cohen, Renal medicineDr Hans-Ulrich Laasch, RadiologyDr Katie Lacy, DermatologyDr Zainab Laftah, DermatologyDr Bisola Laguda, PaediatricsMr Rodney Laing, NeurosurgeryMr Raj Lakhani, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Dr Abhi Lall, PaediatricsMr Benjamin Lamb, UrologyDr Caroline Lamb, General Practitioner (GP)Dr Jonathan Lambert, HaematologyDr Giorgio Lambru, NeurologyDr Matteo Lancioni, CardiologyDr Jem Lane, CardiologyMr Clive Lathey, OsteopathMr Ahmed Latif, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Yieng Ching Lau, General Practitioner (GP)Mr Maurice Lau, UrologyMiss Alex Lawrence, Obstetrics & gynaecologyDr Michael Leahy, OncologyDr Timothy Lebens, General Practitioner (GP)Mr Matt Lechner, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Dr Lip Lee, OncologyProf. Siow-Ming Lee, OncologyMr Frank Lee, UrologyMr Michael Lee, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Mr Paul Lee, Orthopaedic surgeryMiss Vickie Lee, OphthalmologyMr Richard Lee, OphthalmologyDr Sangoh Lee, RadiologyDr Alex Lee, OncologyProf. Vivien Lees, Plastic & reconstructive surgeryDr Mary Lei, OncologyMiss Jane Leitch, OphthalmologyDr Mauro Lencioni, CardiologyMr Alex Leo, Colorectal surgery, General surgeryDr Colm Leonard, General (internal) medicine, Respiratory medicineMr Julian Leong, Orthopaedic surgeryMr Tom Leslie, UrologyMr Andraay Leung, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Malcolm Levinkind, PaediatricsProf. Valerie Lewington, Nuclear medicineDr Stephen Lewis, Gastro-enterology, General (internal) medicineDr Dylan Lewis, RadiologyDr Myles Lewis, RheumatologyDr Anthony Li, CardiologyDr Satnam Lidder, General (internal) medicineDr Chong Wei Lim, Endocrinology & diabetes mellitus, General (internal) medicineDr Farah Lim, OncologyDr Karen Lindall, General Practitioner (GP)Dr Nick Linton, CardiologyMiss Zi-Wei Liu, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Prof. Simon Lloyd, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Dr Geoffrey Lloyd, General (internal) medicineProf. Ian Christopher Lloyd, OphthalmologyMs Jillian Lloyd, Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Obstetrics & gynaecologyMiss Jenny Lo, Obstetrics & gynaecologyMiss Cheryl Lobo, Breast surgery, General surgery, OncologyMrs Loren Loeb, AudiologyProf. Ian Loftus, General surgeryDr Sarah Logan, General (internal) medicine, Infectious diseasesDr John Logue, OncologyMr Jonathan Lohn, Plastic & reconstructive surgeryProf. Mike Loosemore, Sport & exercise medicineMr D'Jon Lopez, Orthopaedic surgeryMr Bruno Lorenzi, General surgery, Upper GI surgeryDr Paul Lorigan, OncologyDr Di Loudon, General Practitioner (GP)Mr Ioannis Loukopoulos, General surgeryMiss Yi Low, Obstetrics & gynaecologyDr Martin Lowe, CardiologyMr Adrian Lower, Obstetrics & gynaecologyMr Darren Lui, Orthopaedic surgeryMrs Christel Lyell, DieticianMr Joshua Lynam, PhysiotherapistDr Magnus Lynch, Dermatology
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