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Prof. Roby Rakhit, Cardiology, General (internal) medicineDr Farooq Rahman, Gastro-enterology, General (internal) medicineDr Debi Ray, PaediatricsProf. Malcolm Rustin, DermatologyDr Shane Roche, General (internal) medicine, GeriatricsMr Ashwin Reddy, OphthalmologyMr Peter Reilly, Orthopaedic surgeryMr Adam Rosenthal, Gynaecology, Obstetrics & gynaecologyMr Andrew Roche, Orthopaedic surgeryMr Raj Ragoowansi, Plastic & reconstructive surgeryDr Gajan Rajeswaran, RadiologyMr Marcus Reddy, General surgeryMr Andrew Richards, Orthopaedic surgeryMr Robert Richardson, Obstetrics & gynaecologyDr Nerys Roberts, DermatologyProf. Janice Rymer, Obstetrics & gynaecologyDr Punit Ramrakha, Cardiology, General (internal) medicineMr Sudip Ray, General surgeryDr Simon Ray, CardiologyMr Amer Raza, Obstetrics & gynaecologyMiss Catharine Roberts, Obstetrics & gynaecologyMr Warwick J P Radford, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Andrew Raffles, PaediatricsDr Ravi Rajakariar, Renal medicineDr Shefali Rajpopat, DermatologyProf. Arun Ranganathan, Orthopaedic surgery, Spinal surgeryDr Jonathan Rees, RheumatologyDr Ali Reza Rismani, HaematologyProf. Stephen Robinson, Endocrinology & diabetes mellitusMiss Nicola Roche, General surgeryDr Nicola Abigail Rosenfelder, OncologyDr Aleksandar Radunovic, NeurologyMr Sajal Rai, Colorectal surgery, General surgery, Upper GI surgeryDr Sweta Rai, DermatologyDr Subramaniam Ramakrishnan, Gastro-enterology, General (internal) medicineMr Vijay Ramani, UrologyProf. Amanda Ramirez, PsychiatryMr Kelvin Ramsey, Plastic & reconstructive surgeryMr Andrew Ramwell, Colorectal surgery, General surgeryDr Saad Rassam, Haematology, OncologyDr Anshul Rastogi, RadiologyDr Claire Rathwell, Anaesthetics, Pain medicineMr Rowland Rees, UrologyDr David Reffitt, Gastro-enterologyMr Jae Rhee, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Sarah Riaz, DermatologyDr Polly Richards, RadiologyMr Neil Roberts, Cardiothoracic surgery Dr Andrew Robinson, Gastro-enterology, General (internal) medicineDr Nicholas Robinson, CardiologyMr Michael Robson, PhysiotherapistMiss Victoria Rose, Plastic & reconstructive surgeryMr Gary Ross, Plastic & reconstructive surgeryMr Tom Routledge, Cardiothoracic surgery Mr John Rubin, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Dr Michael Rudenko, AllergyDr Neil Rabin, HaematologyMs Anastasia Rachmanidou, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Mr Simon Radley, Colorectal surgery, General surgeryDr Jacqueline Radley, GynaecologyDr Muhammad Rafique, Anaesthetics, Pain medicineDr Bazo Raheem, NeurologyMiss Nishat Rahman, Paediatric surgeryMr Sonpreet Rai, UrologyDr Angela Rai, General Practitioner (GP)Dr Ana Raimundo, Gastro-enterologyDr Kavita Raj, HaematologyDr Fharat Raja, OncologyDr Jowad Raja, RadiologyMr Usman Raja, RadiologyDr Kailasam Rajagopal, Anaesthetics, Pain medicineMr Prabhakar Rajan, UrologyProf. Ronak Rajani, CardiologyMr Nirooshun Rajendran, Colorectal surgery, General surgeryDr Arun Rajendran, Gastro-enterology, General (internal) medicineMr Mangattil Rajesh, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Kannan Rajesparan, RadiologyMiss Shanti Raju-Kankipati, Obstetrics & gynaecologyDr James Rakshi, NeurologyMr Sasindran Ramar, General surgeryDr Shankar Ramaswamy, Anaesthetics, Pain medicineDr Shanta Ramduth, General Practitioner (GP)Mr Jonathan Ramsay, UrologyMr James Ramus, General surgeryDr Neil Rane, Neuroradiology, RadiologyDr Permjit Rangi, RadiologyDr Shamima Rashid, General Practitioner (GP)Mr Sheikh Tawqeer Yousuf Rashid, General surgeryMiss Elham Rashidghamat, DermatologyMr Asif Raza, UrologyDr Mira Razzaque, AnaestheticsMr Harry Reddick, PhysiotherapistDr Prashanth Reddy, General (internal) medicine, Geriatrics, NeurologyMr Daniel Reed, Orthopaedic surgeryMr Chris Rees, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Farah Rehman, OncologyProf. David Reid, RheumatologyMs Annette Reid, Obstetrics & gynaecologyMr Jeremy Reynolds, Orthopaedic surgeryMr Peter Rhys-Evans, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Dr Tom Richards, OncologyMr Daniel Richards, PhysiotherapistMr Jonathan Richardson, General surgeryDr Anne Rigg, OncologyDr Anne Ringle Griguer, CardiologyDr Vivian Rittenberg, Obstetrics & gynaecologyDr Leema Robert, GeneticsMr John Roberts, Orthopaedic surgeryMr David Roberts, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Dr Fergus Robertson, RadiologyDr Angela Robinson, Genito-urinary medicineDr Susan Robinson, HaematologyMiss Christine Robinson, Obstetrics & gynaecologyMr Dudley Robinson, Obstetrics & gynaecologyDr Kerry Robinson, PaediatricsMr Paul Roblin, Plastic & reconstructive surgeryDr Michael Robson, Renal medicineDr Cath Rodgers, Genito-urinary medicineMr John Rogers, General surgeryDr John Rogers, Sport & exercise medicineMr Ashish Rohatgi, General surgery, Upper GI surgeryDr Michael Rose, NeurologyProf. Stuart Rosen, CardiologyMr Tomas Rosenbaum, UrologyMr Ulrich Rosendahl, Cardiothoracic surgery Dr Mark Rosenthal, PaediatricsDr Shahbaz Roshan-Zamir, General (internal) medicine, GeriatricsDr Paul Ross, OncologyDr Giles Rottenberg, RadiologyDr Isabelle Roussin, CardiologyMr Aleix Rovira, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Dr Edward Rowland, CardiologyProf. Francesco Rubino, General surgeryMiss Nung Rudarakanchana, General surgery, Vascular surgeryDr Sarah Rudman, OncologyProf. Neil Ruparelia, CardiologyDr Evangelos Russo, Gastro-enterologyMr Scott Rutherford, NeurosurgeryDr Heather Ryan, General Practitioner (GP)Dr Padraic Ryan, Occupational medicineDr Suzanne Ryan, Radiology
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