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Dr Rick Seah, Sport & exercise medicineDr Deepak Suri, Gastroenterology, General (internal) medicineMr Sam Singh, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Victoria Swale, DermatologyMr Clive Spence-Jones, Obstetrics & gynaecologyDr Tabish Saifee, NeurologyDr Oliver Segal, Cardiology, General (internal) medicineMr Pratik Shah, GynaecologyMr Dominic Spicer, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Millicent Stone, General (internal) medicine, RheumatologyProf. George Santis, Respiratory medicineDr Eli Silber, NeurologyMr Anthony Silverstone, Obstetrics & gynaecologyDr Maurice Slevin, OncologyMr Giles Stafford, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Nurhan Sutcliffe, RheumatologyMr Arjun Shankar, General surgery, Hepato-biliary surgeryDr Rakesh Sharma, CardiologyMr Ricard Simo, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Dr Catherine Spencer-Smith, Sport & exercise medicineMr Michael Stafford, Obstetrics & gynaecologyDr Anshoo Sahota, DermatologyMr Ertan Saridogan, Obstetrics & gynaecology, Reproductive healthcareMr Greg Shaw, UrologyDr Nisith Sheth, DermatologyMr Joydeep Sinha, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Alexander Sirker, CardiologyMr Ian Sabin, NeurosurgeryMr Guri Sandhu, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Mr Andrew Sankey, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Sam Shah, Mr Richard Sainsbury, Breast surgery, General surgeryMr Jason Saunders, General surgeryDr Peter Savundra, AudiologyDr Benjamin Schreiber, RheumatologyMr Muthiah Senthil Nathan, UrologyDr Edward Seward, GastroenterologyMr Aali Sheen, Colorectal surgery, General surgery, Hepato-biliary surgeryDr Ray Shidrawi, Gastroenterology, General (internal) medicineDr Amen Sibtain, OncologyMs Louise Stirk, Chiropodist / PodiatristDr Anand Saggar, GeneticsDr Tushar Salukhe, CardiologyMr Sarmad Sami, Obstetrics & gynaecologyMr Rajiv Sanger, Orthopaedic surgeryMr Thomas Satyadas, Colorectal surgery, General surgery, Hepato-biliary surgeryDr Andrew Sawczenko, PaediatricsDr Vishal Saxena, GastroenterologyMr Tom Setchell, Obstetrics & gynaecologyDr Ajai Seth, Sport & exercise medicineMr Neil Shah, PaediatricsDr Jonathan Shamash, OncologyDr Ron Simon, CardiologyDr Suveer Singh, General (internal) medicine, Respiratory medicineDr Dhanupriya Sivapathasuntharam, General (internal) medicine, GeriatricsMr Richard Skudder, OsteopathMs Claire Small, PhysiotherapistMr J Richard Smith, Obstetrics & gynaecologyDr Rajiv Sood, PaediatricsMr Ahmed Ramadan Sadek, NeurosurgeryMr Prakash Saha, General surgeryDr Monika Saha, DermatologyMr Arun Sahai, UrologyMr Matthew Sala, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Rehan Salim, Obstetrics & gynaecologyDr Jeremy Sanderson, GastroenterologyDr Robert Sarkany, DermatologyDr Beatrice Seddon, OncologyDr Sayan Sen, CardiologyDr Farrukh Shah, HaematologyDr Nihal Shah, OncologyMr Nasir Hussain Shah, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Riyaz Shah, OncologyMr Azhar Shaida, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Dr Carl Shakespeare, Cardiology, General (internal) medicineDr Nabeel Sheikh, CardiologyDr Rachel Sidwell, DermatologyDr Jack Singer, PaediatricsMr Marco Sinisi, NeurosurgeryMr Richard Sinnerton, Orthopaedic surgeryMr Tim Sinnett, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Suganya Sivabalasingham, OncologyMr Myles Smith, General surgeryMr Jay Smith, Orthopaedic surgeryMr Parthi Srinivasan, General surgeryMr Christopher Steer, Gynaecology, Reproductive healthcareDr Nemanja Stojanovic, Endocrinology & diabetes mellitusMr Dirk Strauss, General surgeryDr Matthew Streetly, HaematologyMr Olaseni Subair, Obstetrics & gynaecologyDr Ranjan Suri, PaediatricsMr Enrique Saavedra, Orthopaedic surgeryMr Michael Sabetai, Cardiothoracic surgery Mr Omar Sabri, Orthopaedic surgeryMr Arun Sachdev, OphthalmologyDr Atul Sachdeva, General Practitioner (GP)Dr Daniel Sado, CardiologyMr Waseem Saeed, Plastic & reconstructive surgeryMr Mohammed Saeed, Colorectal surgery, General surgery, Hepato-biliary surgery, Upper GI surgeryProf. Shakeel Saeed, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Mr Ben Saldivar, PhysiotherapistMr Morad Sallam, Vascular surgeryMiss Ghada Salman, GynaecologyMr Richard Samarji, Orthopaedic surgeryMr Vijay Sangar, UrologyDr Giovanni Sanna, RheumatologyDr Alastair Santhouse, PsychiatryMr Samer Saour, Plastic & reconstructive surgeryDr Ramasamy Saravanan, Gastroenterology, General (internal) medicineDr Debashis Sarker, OncologyDr Mark Saunders, OncologyDr Mina Savvidou, Obstetrics & gynaecologyMiss Valerie Saw, OphthalmologyDr Martin Saweirs, General Practitioner (GP)Dr Elinor Sawyer, OncologyMr Ankur Saxena, NeurosurgeryMr Parag Sayal, NeurosurgeryMr Ahmad Sayasneh, Obstetrics & gynaecologyDr Christopher Schelvan, RadiologyProf. Ernest Schilders, Orthopaedic surgeryProf. Peter Schmid, General (internal) medicine, OncologyMiss Elaine Scott, Obstetrics & gynaecologyDr Paul Scott, CardiologyJulian Scott-Warren, AnaestheticsMr Fady Sedra, Spinal surgeryMs Marlene See, Plastic & reconstructive surgeryMs Seema Seetharam, General surgeryDr Nowlan Selvapatt, GastroenterologyMr Chelliah Selvasekar, Colorectal surgery, General surgery, Hepato-biliary surgeryMr Richard Selway, NeurosurgeryMr Giuseppe Sforza, Orthopaedic surgeryMr Majed Shabbir, UrologyDr Husain Shabeeh, CardiologyMr Zameer Shah, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Preeti Shah, RheumatologyMr Naweed Shahid, Obstetrics & gynaecologyMr Naveed Shaikh, Orthopaedic surgeryMr Fevzi Shakir, Obstetrics & gynaecologyMr Joseph Shalhoub, General surgeryMiss Pari Shams, OphthalmologyDr Ananth Shankar, OncologyMr Mohammed Sharif, General surgeryDr Avinash Sharma, General (internal) medicine, GeriatricsDr Vikram Sharma, GastroenterologyMr Kamal Shehata-Iskander, Obstetrics & gynaecologyDr Hamid Sheikh, OncologyMr Bhart Shemar, OsteopathDr Patrick Shenjere, Histopathology, PathologyDr Adil Sheraz, DermatologyDr Amna Sheri, OncologyDr Anoop Shetty, CardiologyDr Kai-Keen Shiu, OncologyProf. Karol Sikora, OncologyDr Amanda Simmons, General Practitioner (GP)Dr Annemarie Sinclair, RadiologyDr Manuraj Singh, DermatologyDr Animesh Singh, General (internal) medicine, RheumatologyDr Sarita Singh, DermatologyDr Rahul Raman Singh, PaediatricsDr Soumit Singhai, General (internal) medicine, GeriatricsDr Ankush Singhal, PsychiatryMr Tarun Singhal, General surgeryDr Manojit Sinha, AnaestheticsMr Alagappan Sivaraman, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Jonathan Sive, HaematologyMr Christopher Skilbeck, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Dr Daniel Smith, OncologyMr Paul J Smith, Plastic & reconstructive surgeryMr Jordan Smitham, PhysiotherapistDr Afzal Sohaib, CardiologyDr Aslam Sohaib, RadiologyMr Brian Sommerlad, Plastic & reconstructive surgeryMr Manu Sood, Plastic & reconstructive surgeryMr Paolo Sorelli, General surgeryDr Cheka Spencer, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Mr Ben Spiegelberg, Orthopaedic surgeryDr James Spratt, CardiologyMiss Sushma Srikrishna, Obstetrics & gynaecologyProf. Seshadri Sriprasad, UrologyDr Rajaventhan Srirajaskanthan, Gastroenterology, General (internal) medicineMr Gareth Stables, Orthopaedic surgeryMr Richmond Stace, PhysiotherapistDr Susan Stacey, Sport & exercise medicineDr Alan Starck, General Practitioner (GP)Dr John Stephens, General Practitioner (GP)Mr Michael Stewart, OsteopathDr Alexandra Strachan, General Practitioner (GP)Dr Shaila Sukthankar, PaediatricsMr Ibnauf Suliman, General surgeryMr Mark Sullivan, UrologyMr Pavol Surda, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Dr Nilesh Sutaria, CardiologyDr Orlando Swayne, NeurologyMs Michelle Swer, Obstetrics & gynaecologyMr Irfan Syed, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Dr Andrew Sykes, OncologyDr Richard Sylvester, Neurology
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